Kratom Preparation Video

Despite not being much of a complete guide to kratom, it does have some good information for new users. Sometimes its simple videos like this that I like the most. Because I’ve been taking kratom for a while, I like to know how you guys prepare it. I’ve used methods from just swallowing the powder to tea and others, which all can be effective when used in the right situations.

kratom for anxiety

Kratom for Anxiety and Whatnot

kratom for anxiety


So, I didn’t think I would be posting this today, but due to a break in my schedule I decided to go for it, as I’m feeling pretty motivated due to a lot of coffee and a good thai :).

Using kratom for anxiety treatment is becoming more and more popular from what I’ve seen on kratom boards and around the web. Interestingly, it is one of the reasons that I first started using kratom, but thanks to a lot of hard work and exposure therapy I don’t need it for those purposes anymore. There’s nothing that feels better than conquering a problem like that, and for that exact reason I don’t suggest using kratom as a crutch. Instead, use it as an a tool in your anti anxiety toolkit while all the while working on it through other means. With that said, I think using kratom for anxiety can be really effective.


Kratom for Anxiety

So for anyone who is considering using kratom for anxiety, there are a few things that you should know about. The first is that not every type of kratom is alike in effects. There are some strains that are a lot better for anxiety, specificially indos and borneos in my experience. So try and stick to those. Using a stimulating strain with high anxiety can be very uneasy at high doses, so watch out.

When using kratom for this reason make sure that dosage is correct. This means know the strain and know your body, going too high can wreck your tolerance. Also, the less you take kratom the more effective it will be for anxiety and panic attacks, so try to keep dosage to when you feel it is really necessary.

Always keep in mind that there are other herbs that can help a lot with anxiety too, especially kava.

Even though kratom for anxiety is pretty simple, a lot of people don’t know where to start. Hopefully this information above helps a little bit.

Using Kratom for Sleep

I have a really strange sleep problem, and it cycles throughout my life. Like for literally months at a time I’ll be an insomniac or I’ll pass out like a baby, and I have no idea what is going on with it, and it seems doctors don’t either. Because I don’t want to be on any kind of sleep medication, I tried using kratom for sleep and I’ve had pretty good effects.

When trying to use kratom for sleep you definitely want to pick a sedating strain. If you don’t you’re going to be up for a while. Some strains to avoid are thai and maeng da; these will do nothing for sleep, trust me.

Some of the more sedating types of kratom I suggest are Borneo strains, bali (sometimes) and indo strains. However, it is a good idea to test the strain during the day to see how it effects you before trying to use it for sleep.

A little tip that I’ve found for getting to sleep more quickly with kratom is to take the kratom and eat thirty minutes later, this speeds up digestion of kratom  and makes it kick in more effectively. Also the food can help you pass out a little better by switching your body’s focus to digestion instead of other more stimulating pursuits and thoughts.

Kratom can be useful for sleep, but not if it is done right. Be sure that you pick the right types of kratom before attempting this! You can find a neat discussion on using kratom for sleep here:


kratom for sleep

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Kratom Dosage Guide by Muriel

One of the most important things to consider for anyone who is new to kratom is dosage. Surprisingly, despite the vast number of people who take kratom, there is not set in stone dosage guide. In fact, browsing through different articles I found people who suggested taking as high as 25 grams of kratom, which is just ridiculous and will only give you nausea and side-effects instead of the medicinal, slightly euphoric, energetic/sedative and helpful effects that kratom is known for.


kratom dosage


Effects of a Good Kratom Dose

Because of the importance of kratom dosage, I’m going to list some of the effects that are present in kratom at optimal dosage, so that one can trial-and-error one’s way to success.

  • Painkilling Effects
  • Energetic Effects or Sedating Effects
  • Mood Boost
  • Mild to Moderate Euphoria (some strains don’t have much of a euphoric component, however)
  • Relaxation
  • Anxiety Relief
  • Stress Relief
  • Ability to just “be” without apprehension or worry


Effects of Too High of a Dose

Too high of a kratom dose can cause a few unpleasant symptoms, so if you experience these, definitely dial the dose back a bit.

  • The Wobbles (Eyes have a hard time focusing)
  • Nausea
  • Mild Pressure Headaches
  • Irritability
  • Discomfort

Effects of Too Low of a Dose

  • No painkilling effects
  • Only mild stimulation, no relaxation component
  • Lack of Mood Boost

Kratom Dosage – Best Practices

Because every stain varies in strength and effects, I’m going to give a broad overview of where to start in order to get good effects. I will create a kratom dosage chart to test with, be sure to initially start on the low end of the chart.

Very Mild    1g – 1.5g
Mild        1.5g – 2.5g
Medium        2.5g – 4g
Medium/High    4g – 5.5g
Strong        5.5 – 7g

It is a good idea to note that the threshold for kratom side effects typically don’t start until about 6.5 to 8 grams, so be wary if taking a dose higher than that point.


Kratom Dosage by Strain

Depending upon the strain, the dosage you will want to take can vary. Different growth seasons can also affect potency as well, so it is a good idea to start on the lower side when using any new strain. If you’re looking for dose by strain can find another made a strain specific kratom dosage guide at

Once you get the hang of it, finding the perfect kratom dose isn’t that hard, as you will get a good feeling and common-sense understanding of how much you should take. For those of you who don’t have a scale, a teaspoon is the rough equivalent of around 2grams, but this depends on how finely ground the powder is, so always aim for the low-side in order to avoid side effects. If you feel the dose is too low, you can always take some more, but you can’t undo excessive dosage.


The Effects of Kava

So in addition to my regular kratom usage, I decided to try kava on breaks and really just for the experience. Overall, I’m really starting to like it and I would definitely suggest it to anyone who wants to have powerful stress relief, anxiety relief and great sleep. I’m going to go over a little bit about kava for those who haven’t tried so you can see if it’s right for you.




Effects of Kava

As described in my intro, kava has a lot of great effects. One of the most prominent that you will find is muscle relaxation. Although not every strain is the same in this area, due to the differences in kavain and DHM content, I’ve learned. For anyone who is looking for a great body-based kava experience definitely go with a high DHM content. Sadly, high dhm content is also responsible for nausea, so be careful with dosage.

Anxiety relief is huge with strains of kava. Unlike muscle relaxation, this one is primarily a result of kavain. The kavain within kava can provide both a stimulating and sedating experience, and is definitely ideal for those who want to have mental relaxation and effects without sluggishness or nausea.

Something else that I’ve noticed on the side is that kava is great for sleep, and taking it before bed can knock me out in no time.


Downsides of Kava

The biggest downside that I’ve found with kava is the taste, it can be plain nasty for some. Because of this, we suggest having a chaser close at hand when drinking it. Otherwise, you can quickly develop an aversion to the taste of kava.

Like I said before, nausea can also occur, especially at high doses of kava that contains high levels of DHM.

Anyone who wants good stress and anxiety relief should definitely try kava. There are plenty of experiences with people who don’t get much of an effect the first time they try it, so definitely give it a couple shots if you don’t feel anything the first time.

How to use Kratom for Pain Relief

kratom for painI encounter people dealing with pain surprisingly often. Sadly, a lot of these people wind up getting on a lot of harmful medications if their pain is bad enough, which can be both addictive and dangerous at high doses. Every time I meet someone who is in this condition I always try to proselytize about using kratom, though sadly the majority of them either don’t believe it’s effective or they aren’t willing to try because of some bias against plants as medication. For this reason, I decided to write this article because I feel a lot of people who are looking up this topic online are at least willing to listen, and this article may actually be of some help.

In this post, I’m going to talk a little bit about kratom, it’s safety as well as why kratom is good for pain as well as what kratom strains can help the most with pain as well as what makes them unique.


About Kratom

Kratom/Mitragyna Speciosa has been used as long as we have recorded evidence, and in that time there have been no serious side-effects or dangers associated with kratom use, even in very excessive amounts for long periods of time. Additionally, in comparison to it’s medicinal effects, kratom is one of the safest known herbs, not to mention pharmaceuticals. Kratom’s medicinal effects are various, however, some of the most effective uses of kratom are for pain and to get off of addictive drugs, mostly opiate based ones.


Why is Kratom Good for Pain

Although it is evident that pain is one of the most common reasons that kratom is used, why is it so effective in this regard and what is the science behind its effects. The primary reason kratom is a powerful painkiller is because of two primary alkaloids found within the kratom plant, 7-hydroxy-mitragynine and mitragynine. These two alkaloids, especially the former, are mu and delta opiod receptor agonists, similar to other painkilling pharmaceuticals. Enso Botanicals has a guide on the best kratom for pain relief, which contains some more information on these and other alkaloids within the kratom plant.

However, unlike other pharmaceuticals, these substances do not cause the dangerous central nervous system depression associated with standard prescription painkillers. Additionally, kratom is much less addictive than those substances of well. Because of the potency of effects, lack of side effects and dramatic reduction in addiction potential, kratom is rapidly becoming a safer alternative painkiller.



bush mitragyna speciosa

President Bush planting a Mitragyna Speciosa tree

What Types of Kratom are Most Effective?

For anyone who is new to using kratom for pain, know that not all kratom is alike in effects and in painkilling value. This lack of information can put people off of kratom for a long period of time if they pick the wrong strain to start with. As stated earlier, the most potent kratom for this purpose will have high levels of mitragynine, and especially 7-hydroxymitragynine.

The strains that are highest in these two alkaloids are typically rather sedating strains of kratom, such as Bali, Indo, Borneo and as of more recently, some Vietnamese strains (rare). Maeng Da can also be used effectively for this purpose at high doses.

Anyone looking to use kratom for pain will likely have to start at a higher than usual dose for maximum effects. This may vary depending on the level of pain, but some experimentation may be necessary to find the best dosage.

Using Kratom as a Stimulant

Although kratom on the whole tends to be thought of as more sedating, you truly can use kratom as a stimulant if done correctly. Now, typically, the stimulating effects aren’t that intense overall, however doing it correctly you can receive a good boost from kratom. You should definitely keep in mind that all kratom will not effect you alike, it really depends on a few different factors.


Strain Differences and Stimulation

kratom stimulant


When using kratom as a stimulant, you will definitely need to be very particular when buying strains. The main strains that are used for stimulation purposes are thai and maeng da. Even within these strains there are variations though, so it may take a little bit of trial and error before finding the perfect solution.

Consider vein color as well when trying to find a good stimulating kratom, as it can certainly be a factor. Typically, the best strains for stimulation are white vein. White veins lack the painkilling effects of a lot of other strains typically so it may not be good for everyone. Green vein kratom can be a good choice, although it really depends on the type of strain that you are using. As an green vein thai will be overall a lot more stimulating than a green vein indo type of strain.


Finding the Right Dosage

Something that is commonly experienced with kratom users is that lower dosages often provide more stimulating results. Because of this, you will likely have a process of testing before getting it right.

By factoring in these two different aspects, you will have a lot more luck with using kratom for stimulation.

Who is the Best Kratom Vendor: A Review

So, I’ve been taking kratom for a long period of time and I wanted to make a little review on who I feel the best kratom vendors are as of 2014. While this guide will not be a comprehensive post by any means, it will hopefully give you an idea of who the best vendors are in 2014. All of this information is going to based upon reputable forum reviews as well as upon my own personal experiences with these vendors. All information on vendors will be split up into two sections, both bulk and small-scale vendors.


best kratom vendorBest Bulk Kratom Vendor

There are a variety of different bulk kratom vendors around, at least much more than were available a few years ago.

Buy kratom wholesale is one of the newer bulk vendors, and overall they are fairly unbeatable as far as price goes. However, the downsides of this vendor are that some kratom is not very standardized potency-wise, and they are out of stock very regularly. I would certainly suggest the Maeng Da as well as the Red Horned kratom from this vendor, as it is awesome for the price.

Kratom is a relatively new vendor, but the quality of kratom is typically very good. In my opinion the best kratom from the vendor is the LTM (Liang Teh Merah) and the LTH (Liang Teh Hijau). The former of these kratom types being sedating and the latter being stimulating. This vendor ships from Indonesia so it may take a bit longer, and the payment process is rather complicated since they don’t take credit cards. Good vendor overall though.


Regular US Vendors

There are a few U.S. Based small-scale vendors that high very high quality kratom, but sometimes the prices can be fairly high in comparison to bulk, but that is fairly normal. I have found some of the best kratom that I’ve gotten from the below kratom vendors, so even if you do buy in bulk, I think you should still definitely check them out.

Enso Botanicals is a relatively new kratom vendor, and I have gotten a lot of good kratom from them. My favorite strains are their OG Maeng Da and their Red Vein Borneo. For anyone new to kratom, I would also suggest their website as a good informational resource as well as a good vendor. Enso Botanicals recently wrote a post on finding the best kratom vendor as well.

Mmm, Speciosa has been around for several years, and in that time they’ve sold a few great strains at a rather reasonable cost. While their kratom is pretty good, their selection always varies so it is hard to give “best kratom” advice, as the strains may be gone in a few months. I suggest these guys as well.

So that’s my review on the best kratom vendors available right now, it seems there are more and more kratom vendors popping into the market so I will try to keep this updated whenever possible.

Kratom Potency from Year to Year

Something that really interests me that I haven’t heard anyone else talk about is the potency of kratom from year to year. I’ve been taking kratom for a while now and it seems like different years have a different potency, and it’s hard to say what the moving force behind the changes are. I think there are a few different things that could be the culprit — here are my theories.


Market Movement

potencyOver the past couple years as kratom has become more popular, it seems like the quality has gone down what I would estimate to be 30 to 40 percent, which is a pretty drastic change. Something that you’ll notice from year to year is the difference in kratom vendors, not just the plant, but the people who run the companies and plantations. One of my theories is that as the market becomes more money oriented, and not based upon the company owners love for kratom, the quality goes down.

Because of this increased demand for kratom, the owners of these farms and plantations may not have the adequate resources to supply the necessary kratom and are likely using immature leaves and young plants to meet quota. Which leads to much less potent kratom overall.


Weather and Climate

Another thing that could be behind the drop in kratom potency is the climate of the regions in which it is grown. While I’m not an expert in the area, this may be the culprit. Over the years the climates in regions can vary dramatically, and I know that in Indonesia that temperature and rainfall has varied a good bit, which could be a factor in the change in leaf potency.

I’m not sure about how you guys feel about this issue, but I know the kratom of 2011 was much more potent, and not just subjectively. Even a few vendors I’ve talked to have admitted their alkaloid content was highest in early 2011 late 2010.

My Favorite Kratom Strains

Before I start, I’ll tell you a little bit about myself. I’ve been using kratom for about 3 years daily for severe pain, and it’s a hell of a lot better than living a life on opiates. Kratom kills my pain, however, even though I’m in pain, I kind of prefer stimulating strains, which typically aren’t as effective at pain killing so I’m in a kind of tough situation as far as that is concerned.

So, with that said, here are a run-down of my favorite strains!


Red Vein Thai

Red Vein Thai, when it is high quality, has never disappointed me. Red vein thai blends the best of both painkilling effects and stimulating effects to make what I feel is the perfect burn. The only downside with this type of kratom is that it can be kind of hard to find reliably. Even from the same vendors, the quality of their red vein thai strains can vary seasonally — though I suppose it’s the same with all strains, though it seems more pronounced with RVT.



Maeng Da

While I’m not sure if there’s any actual strain named “Maeng Da”, vendors have done a pretty good job at labeling the plant correctly. For me most Maeng Da strains are pretty potent in the painkilling area, while slightly less stimulating than the thai strains. It seems like Maeng Da lasts a bit longer than red vein thai which is one of my favorite parts


White Vein Borneo

White vein Borneo has always been kind to me and seems to be fairly standard in potency. While more stimulating than regular Borneo, it seems to have very different effects from RVT strains and maeng da. It feels like a clean mental energetic effect with a physically sedating aspects.

There are plenty of other strains that I’ve tried that I thoroughly enjoyed, but these are definitely my top 3. Let me know what you like. A friend of mine wrote another decent article you can find here, on kratom strains and effects.

Health and Nature

For many, the solution to health problems boils down to taking some pharmaceutical medication; although they may often be effective, the side-effects  of taking these medications can be devastating. I know this, because in my younger years I thought it wise to take a pill for everything, however, over time I found that nature has its own powerful medicine cabinet that can dramatically increase the quality of living for many. There are many thousands of herbs that have been used for these purposes since the dawn of mankind, and often to great effect.

For those with anxiety, kava can be a dramatic help. For those dealing with severe pain, kratom can be astonishingly effective. For those who want guidance and direction, ayahusca has shown to have life-changing effects (sadly, this one is illegal in most areas throughout the world) Most of the general public hasn’t heard of these powerful herbs and that is the reason I have created this site, to help others, and myself, to learn more about these astonishing plants.

For those interested in ayahusca, watch the video below.